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Oct,2008  began to focus on high-capacity nickel metal hydride battery development

Feb,2009  Passed ISO9001 quality system certification

March, 2009  Applied for the registration of the trademark ”EPI”

July,2009  Passed CE certification

Sep,2009  Awarded Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certificate

April,2010  Passed UL certification

June,2010  Awarded grade A enterprise.

Aug,2010  High-capacity battery through the science and technology projects and formal acceptance on the market and the daily output can be increased to 150,000 units

Oct,2010  Awarded "advanced unit of production safety in baoan district Shenzhen City.

Nov,2010  Awarded “Excellent Customer” by four major raw materials suppliers

Dec,2010  Got involved in new energy lithium-ion battery research and development

Jan,2011  All our products have purchased product liability insurance in the global context.

June,2011  The daily output can be increased to above 300,000 units

Julie,2011 Our company is included in the independent scientific and technological enterprises innovative advantages in Baoan district Shenzhen City.

Aug,2011 Our products passed LGA test.

Sep,2011 Awarded municipal labor law-abiding ethical business and People's Growth Plan engineering enterprise in Baoan District Shenzhen City.

Nov,2011 Passed SVHC certification and awarded as the " labor emulation meritorious advanced units Baoan District from the year 2009 to 2012."

Dec,2011  Our employees were rated as "outstanding rural migrant workers in Guangdong Province "  and our company has been awarded as one of the harmony enterprises in Shenzhen City.

Jan,2010  Our company has been awarded low self-discharge of the battery and battery temperature technology project in Shenzhen

April,2012  The daily output can be increased to above 400,000 units.

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