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Toshiba 15V 5A Laptop Adapter



Input:AC 100V~240V 50 60Hz

Output:15V 5A


DC Connector:6.3*3.0mm




Power Cord:specifications optional

Detailed information:The Toshiba notebook adapter; designed to be thin and light, original quality, direct factory price, CE and ROHS certifications passed, superb after-sales service.

Goingpower offers a full range of Toshiba Adapters. As the models are various, please see below in the search box to retrieve the model number you wanted, if can’t retrieve, please contact us directly, we will be the first time to offer you the information by feedback.
  • This model is of Toshiba 15V 5A notebook power adapter/charger, 75w, input AC100 – 240 V, output15V 5A , Connector Size 6.3*3.0mm, standard output notebook AC adapter/charger and the power cord is optional.
  • This power adapter is strictly in accordance with the original circuit process design and the original factory standard monitor and control manufacturing, imported electronic components, our ac adapters, with (OCP OVP, OTP, SCP) have got over current, over voltage, constant temperature, short circuit protection, and other multiple intelligent safety protection features. Our ac adapters have been passed through domestic ISO 9001 quality management system certification and the international authority of the European CE certification (Certificate Europe), as well as of the United States safety certification UL(Underwriters' Laboratories).
  • Best quality as original ones, direct selling markets, comprehensive network of direct sales, without the layers of any brokers, unparalleled favorable price directly to end customers.
  • 100% quality assurance, comprehensive after-sales service, seven days’ return, 100 days’ replacement, 1 year free warranty service.
  • Goingpower, making you enjoy mobile life anytime or anywhere.
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    How to keep and maintain Toshiba 15V 5A notebook power adapters?

    1. Do not crush, bend the power adapter cable and prevent external insulation sleeve breaking down or poor contact.

    2. Try to avoid using the ac adapters outdoor or in harsh environments, trying to prevent dropping, shocking or getting wet.

    3. When your PC is off, turn off the power adapter from the socket by unplugging the power supply. Because when the power adapter has been in a state of working for a long time, it will affect the adapter’s final life.

    4. The adapter is broadband working voltage, marked from 100 V – 240 V, but if the voltage is unstable, it may cause damage to the power adapter.

    5. Please do not mix the transformer and the power supply, there are some differences between the operating voltage and charging voltage for each electronic product, if used by error, it might damage or even burn the machine.

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