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Toshiba Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS Laptop Battery



Fit model:Equium U400-124








Detailed information:Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS; CellType:Li-ion; Such as CE and ROHS certifications; and multi-protection features, brand services, direct factory prices!

Goingpowe offers a full range of Toshiba Batteries. As the models are various, please see below in the search box to retrieve the model number you wanted, if can’t retrieve, please contact us directly, we will be the first time to offer you the information by feedback.
  • This model is Toshiba Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS,Apply to Toshiba laptop. which has super usage performance characteristic. The battery’s color is BLACK with the capacity 8800MAH and voltage 10.8V.
  • This battery is in accordance with the process design of the original circuit, according to the original standard monitoring during the entire manufacturing, selected brand lithium-ion battery cells, which have been popular in many countries around the world.
  • Best quality as original ones, direct selling markets, comprehensive network of direct sales, without the layers of any brokers, unparalleled favorable price directly to end customers.
  • 100% quality assurance, comprehensive after-sales service, seven days’ return, 100 days’ replacement, 1 year free warranty service.
  • Carton packaging, anti-static bag, compression sponge, effectively protect the safety of the battery during transportation; our batteries affixed with anti-counterfeiting genuine security barcodes, multiple security codes to facilitate quality tracking
  • Goingpower, making you enjoy mobile life anytime or anywhere.
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  • Toshiba Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS Laptop Battery Announcements

    1. Please choose the same model of the power charger or the manufacturer-specified model, avoiding using distrusted power chargers so as not to burn the notebook by unstable power supply;, avoiding using other packaging materials to wrap the power adapters which would result in cooling difficulties, keeping good ventilation and heat dissipation for the battery and power adapter.
    2. When use initially, you had better complete charge and discharge two or three cycles in order to fully activate the lithium-ion in the battery in order to achieve the synchronization with the power detection program.
    3. Cut off the power and shut down the computer, then put the battery into the computer, plug in the power supply to start charging. (Note Do not handling the battery when the power adapter plugged in, because this may burn your computer accidently.
    4. The charging time is approximately between 4-8 hours, depending on the differences on battery capacity and design. When charging is completed, the charging indicator light will go out or turn green then you had better unplug the power supply.
    5. You had better not charge intermittently, that’s to say you can’t plug the power supply back and forth during a short time. Also you had better charge under the condition of shutdown.
    6. Do not mix the transformer and the power supply, there are some differences between the operating voltage and charging voltage for each electronic product, if used by error, it might damage the battery or even burn the machine.
    7. When charging is completed, you will have got a better performance after 30 minutes.
    8. Computer batteries are mainly made from lithium-ion and its biggest advantage is no memory effect, so you do not have to worry about this issue, if the power does not run out, the battery can also be charged, but we recommend that you use the battery till its lack of electricity and appearing system warnings occasionally, if so, it can help the reliability of the battery.
    9. If you used ac adapters as the power supply for a longer time, you had better remove the battery; if you needed to go out with the computer, and then insert the battery.
    10. Do not use the battery pack as the other power supply.
    11. Do not try to open or repair the battery (except professionals), Toshiba PA3634U-1BRS batteries have a sophisticated control circuit, you are likely to cause damage to the delicate circuitry by violence. Our laptop batteries contain lithium-ion, which may cause explode if use or handling improperly. Nowadays there are some battery maintenance for the core services in the market, but the performance is not stable after replaced. 12. Do not place batteries and keys or other scattered metal material together, which can prevent accidental short circuit.
    13. Don't stay in bed, sofa, rugs, etc with soft surface, because they will interfere with good ventilation of the notebook. Further more, the towels on the bed will produce static electricity, which will damage the notebook internal component indirectly.
  • How to keep

    1. If you didn’t use the battery for a long time, please maintain it well. You should pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment, do not put it under the heat or on damp places, such as in the car under the direct sunlight or next to the fire source. The battery should be kept dry and ventilated.
    2. Battery removal should be considered with anti- moisture and anti- vibration; clean the bay with a small brush regularly. In some cases such as bare battery compartment, it would be easier to enter a lot of dust which cause poor contact, so you had better use appropriate containers such as TRAY to store the battery.
    3. If you do not use the battery for a long time, the batteries should be stored with about 60 to 80 percent charged and remove the battery to use regularly so as to maintain the chemically active of Lithium-ion. You had better charge and discharge the battery then recharge and save for every one month.
    4. As the battery is composed of precision electronic parts and battery cells, you should avoid the battery falling onto the floor and heavy percussion.
    5. Avoid collisions and keep the batteries in a clean and dry place instead of a heated one.
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